Chloe Langlois: I Fear no Man, no Beast, or Evil


Chloe Langlois
I Fear no Man, no Beast, or Evil
30 April – 17 July 2016

Chloe Langlois is the latest artist to be invited by Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery to exhibit work in the Castle’s café table vitrines. Since they were first commissioned in 2006 by former artist-led gallery Moot the café table commissions continue to provide a platform for regional artists to present work in an unusual, yet accessible display format.

I Fear no Man, no Beast, or Evil is a series of wrestling tableaus which hover between fan art and devotional or religious objects. Once the wrestlers are taken from their original backgrounds, found in action shots from old World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) magazines, the moment is displaced and becomes distorted; figures appear to be emerging from battle, levitating in ecstasy, sharing an intimate moment or performing a shamanistic healing ritual.

Like the mythic stories about ‘Pantheons of Gods’ or ‘The Lives of the Saints’, the wrestlers of the Golden Era of WWE exist in their own fabricated cosmology. Each character acts out their story arc with showmanship and feats of strength in the ring, but also via the medium of the infamous promotional video as they taunt their next rival. Seemingly a combination of performance art and sermon, the promo acts as a backstory for the drama of the main event and has produced an abundance of magnificent quotes.

“I fear no man, no beast, or evil, brother!”
Hulk Hogan