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The Museum of the Mercian Regiment (WFR Collection) tells the history of the soldiers of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire from 1741 to the present day. Included in this history is the history of The Sherwood Foresters and The Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters (WFR Collection), two antecedent Regiments that form part of the proud history of The Mercian Regiment.  A serving Regiment, The Mercian Regiment was formed in 2007 and is one of the most highly decorated regiments in the British Army today.

Temporary Exhibition: Passchendaele 100
To commemorate the Centenary of the Third Battle of Ypres, otherwise known as Passchendaele, the Museum of the Mercian Regiment has mounted an exhibition on the part that the Sherwood Foresters played in the battle. On the first day alone, the 1st Battalion received 30 Gallantry Awards for Bravery in the field and then two Foresters would go on to receive the Victoria Cross, the highest level of award for bravery.

“I have just brought the remains of the Battalion out of the curious mixture of undiluted hell and glorious moments that a successful attack combines.” Lt Col Sherbrooke of 1st Battalion after the first day

“The climatic conditions are very bad it has not stopped raining this past three days. The men are simply splendid.” H. MILWARD. Lt.Colonel, Comdg. 17th (S) Bn. SHERWOOD FORESTERS

The exhibition runs from 31st July-10th November and is in the Museum of the Mercian Regiment on the upper ground floor of Nottingham Castle.


Loan Box Service

From September 2016 the Museum is working in partnership with Access Artefacts of Nottingham Museum’s Service, to bring schools in the area 6 new Loan Boxes for schools. The 6 boxes all focus on a part of the Regiments history and are suitable for use in Primary and Secondary Schools. Click here for more information.

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