A conversation with Ted Cantle

The chair of Nottingham Castle’s Trustees Board, Ted Cantle, has devoted a 30-year career to promoting community integration and regeneration. His passion for these issues has helped bring the Castle project to life over the past decade. Below, he discusses his thoughts on the project’s progress.

Ted Cantle, Chair of Nottingham Castle's Board of Trustees

“The genesis of this project dates back to 10 years ago, when the then Sheriff of Nottingham, Leon Uncur, called together a group of interested parties to create the Castle Working Party (CWP)”. When Ted was appointed chairman of the Party, ideas were initially rather far from the mark. “I remember”, Ted laughs, “that one idea was to remove the Castle and build a theme park!”.

When those suggestions came up against the Castle’s status as a Grade I listed Heritage Site, however, the CWP sought other ideas. Ted proposed to link the stories and values of the legendary myth Robin Hood with the later historical journey of Nottingham, such as the Luddites and Civil War. This would lay the foundations for the project as we know it today.

Ted is particularly excited for the innovative new Robin Hood exhibition. “I think the use of the tunnel entrance into the Castle has enormous and exciting potential. It is a way of immersing our audience in the story of Robin Hood and of re-presenting the Castle as a castle.”

When asked how his feelings about the project have evolved over the years, Ted replied, “Excitement still wins through. I’m still motivated by the simple question: will people say ‘this is great’ when they walk through the gates? I’m determined for that to happen.”

Ted would like to thank all those have helped the Castle Project at all stages, including our funders and partners, members of the CWP and those now working at Trust.

You can keep up to date with the latest project development by visiting https://www.nottinghamcastle.org.uk.

To learn more about Ted’s work before joining the Castle Trustees board, click here.