A Tale of 2 Lives

Christopher Samuel is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice is rooted in identity and disability politics, often echoing the many facets of his own lived experience. His work tells stories, often raising awareness of his experiences as a black disabled artist, addressing missing representations within archives, and sharing narratives from others in similar circumstances. Christopher’s work spans sculpture, ink drawings, film, print, and installation.

This artwork, commissioned by Nottingham Castle Museum & ArtGallery exclusively for this cafe space, is inspired by the artist’s own experience of going from having no control over his life, to taking agency over his circumstances and regaining a sense of self worth.

Christopher has co-curated ‘Kaleidoscopic Realms’ along with Jennifer Gilbert of Jennifer Lauren Gallery, which is now on show in Temporary Exhibitions until 3 November 2024

Discover the ‘Kaleidoscopic Realms’ at Nottingham Castle

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