Autism Awareness Month

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Autism Awareness Month

Join us this April to be part of Autism Awareness at Nottingham Castle.

The tours & talks are free. Standard Admission to Nottingham Castle applies (Pay once, visit all year round)


The Nature of Stimming

Join Autistic Nottingham, the country’s first entirely Autistic-led autism charity, for an insightful talk and look into the world of “stimming.

Led by CEO Claire Whyte with Head of Social Engagement and art graduate, Steph Hubble, they will draw on their collective lived, professional and academic perspectives to shed light on the significance of stimming for neurodiverse people.

In this brief but impactful talk, we’ll explore the significance of stimming in promoting self-soothing and emotional expression, debunking misconceptions along the way. Let’s celebrate the diversity of human experience and embrace the beauty of stimming as a natural and essential aspect of neurodiversity.

📅 Saturday 20th April   ⏰ 3 – 4.30 pm


Informal Talk

Nottingham Castle’s own Visitor Service Assistant, Ed, will lead an informal tour of STIM Cinema, speaking about his reactions to the project’s themes and stimming from his unique position as an Autistic person.

📅 Friday 26th April    ⏰ 3 – 3.30 pm

Models of co-creation inclusive of neurodivergent creativity and experience 


Join Neurocultures Collective members Sam Chown-Ahern and Georgia Bradburn, Steven Eastwood and Gilly Fox, in conversation about the innovative co-creation model underpinning the STIM CINEMA artwork. Hear about the ethos they developed as a group, how they used the mind mapping software Mural to privilege ‘visual thinking’ during ideas development, environments that pressure people to mask being autistic or spaces where gestures are freed, and how the installation invites viewers to be curious across the entire frame and look for how the world ‘stims.’

📅 Saturday 13th April    ⏰ 3 – 4.30 pm


Our exhibitions & projects

We have a range of projects & initiatives that focus on on Neurodivergence at Nottingham Castle.

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