Nottingham City Museums has created two new large billboard-style display areas within our recently refurbished café at Nottingham Castle, which have been designed exclusively for showcasing regional artwork and images from our programme or collections throughout the year.

‘Café Neuro’ was created as an opportunity for talented neurodivergent artists in our community to showcase their work on a large scale within a prominent and popular location to a wide range of diners, international tourists, and museum-goers.  Selected from an open submission, illustrators Kate Wand and Maddie Raithby were jointly awarded to be the first recipients of this commission.

Maddie Raithby is an autistic illustrator and designer based in West Hallam, Derbyshire. She makes art that celebrates connecting with the earth and each other. She finds peace and inspiration from being in nature, organic gardening and permaculture.


Created by Maddie Raithby, one of the recipients of the Café Neuro commissions.


Created by Kate Wand, one of the recipients of the Café Neuro commissions.

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