Castle Colouring In!

Pens and pencils at the ready, we’re going creative this week and want you to colour our famous Nottingham outlaw like we’ve never seen him before!

Robin Hood statue

Just click the link here – Robin Hood Colouring Sheet – and print it off. You can also open the file on your computer or phone using a programme like Paint and colour in that way! Don’t like our Robin template or don’t have a printer? Then draw us a picture of Robin firing an arrow from his bow!

Robin and his companions would hide out in Sherwood Forest, so maybe you want to make sure they can be camouflaged? But, did you know that Lincoln Green might not have been green!? It might have been red as it would have used a “greyne” dye that would turn cloth scarlet! Maybe a red Robin might be how you end up colouring yours in!

When you’ve completed your colouring, get someone to share it with us on social media using the hashtag #NottmHeritageHunters or email them to There will be an extra special prize for the best one and their family!

And need more colouring to do? There’s some brilliant Notts inspired ideas from NottsTV and Rawson Photography to have a try with!