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Nottingham Castle Christmas Countdown Clock: Day 12

Welcome to the Nottingham Castle Christmas Countdown, where each night, we’ll be sharing an item from the world-class collections in the Castle’s Galleries in the lead up to Christmas.

An example of a puzzle jug next to a salt-glazed piece of pottery shaped like a bear
A recreation of a puzzle jug from 1740 – 1760, Nottingham City Museums and Galleries


Welcome to day 12 of the Nottingham Castle Christmas Countdown Clock. We’re now at the halfway mark, so we thought we’d share something a little different this evening.

Puzzle jugs provided hours of entertainment in the Georgian period. The jugs were filled with holes, so the person drinking from it would have faced the challenge of plugging them before being able to take a drink! We think this sounds like an excellent party game, don’t you?

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