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Nottingham Castle Christmas Countdown Clock: Day 17

Welcome to the Nottingham Castle Christmas Countdown, where each night, we’ll be sharing an item from the world-class collections in the Castle’s Galleries in the lead up to Christmas.

'The Banquet', James Dromgole Linton (1840–1916), Nottingham City Museums & Galleries
‘The Banquet’, James Dromgole Linton (1840–1916), Nottingham City Museums & Galleries


Welcome to day 17 of the Nottingham Castle Christmas Countdown Clock! Today, we’re sharing James Dromgole Linton’s ‘ The Banquet’, which is currently on display in the Castle’s Art Gallery.

The painting is of a sixteenth-century scene and shows guests seated at a long table in an outdoor courtyard. They are watching a woman dancing on the mosaic floor in the foreground who has her back to the viewer. She wears a red and gold outfit and is barefoot. On the left is a group of musicians: they play the flute, double bass, violin and lute. The dinner table is situated in the middle ground, with the host and hostess seated beneath a huge gold tapestry canopy, decorated with the family arms, and those of other noble families.

Join us tomorrow for day 18 of the Castle Christmas Countdown Clock.

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