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Nottingham Castle Christmas Countdown Clock: Day 18

Welcome to the Nottingham Castle Christmas Countdown, where each night, we’ll be sharing an item from the world-class collections in the Castle’s Galleries in the lead up to Christmas.

Barber, Thomas; Benjamin Mayo (c.1779-1843), the Old General; Nottingham City Museums and Galleries;


Welcome to day 18 of the Nottingham Castle Christmas Countdown Clock! Today, we’re sharing a heart-warming painting from our Art Gallery.

This painting of Benjamin Mayo, also known as ‘The Old General’, was painted by Thomas Barber. Benjamin was a well-known Nottingham character, loved and remembered for his eccentricities long after his death . He would often marshal together groups of schoolboys, happy for a day off school, and march them through the town to the Castle. Here, the ‘troops’ would be dispersed by the distribution of cakes and gingerbread!

This story reminds us to spread a little cheer at this time of year. So, don’t forget to follow the rest of our countdown by either visiting our historic Gatehouse from 4pm – 8pm or by following the countdown on our website, where we’ll be spreading a little joy each evening until December 24.

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