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Nottingham Castle Christmas Countdown Clock: Day 7

Welcome to the Nottingham Castle Christmas Countdown, where each night, we’ll be sharing an item from the world-class collections in the Castle’s Galleries in the lead up to Christmas.

a black and gold lace dress from the 1920s
Evening dress, 1929-30, NCM 1962-46
a gold and black cloche hat (1920s)
Cloche hat, c.1929, NCM 1973-371










Welcome to day 7 of the Nottingham Castle Christmas Countdown Clock. Tonight, we’re sharing this fabulous dress and cap from the roaring 20s.

Fashion reflected women’s new found independence after World War One, with bobbed hairstyles and shorter dresses with dropped waistlines, embracing a more androgynous look. The ‘little black dress’ emerged, with the simple lines of a chemise or undergarment. Lace was back in style, as seen in the knee-length ‘flapper’ dresses worn by fashionable socialites. Lace designs reflected the trend for geometric patterns and motifs, inspired by the art of China, Japan, ancient Greece and even Tutankhamen’s tomb, which was discovered in Egypt in 1922.

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