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Kate Malone’s Gigantic Pumpkin

In May 2020, we found out that Kate Malone’s Gigantic Pumpkin was returning to Nottingham Castle. Before we closed, the ceramic artist Kate Malone’s Gigantic Pumpkin was always a favourite with visitors.

Louise Dunning, Curator of Fine and Decorative Art at Nottingham City Museums and Galleries is a big fan of the Gigantic Pumpkin:
“It is a realistic interpretation, featuring the smooth curves and ridges of a pumpkin, as well as a twisted stalk at the top.”

Brightly coloured, made from terracotta clay, and weighing 81kg, this pumpkin really is Gigantic or “playfully exaggerated in size” as Louise puts it. The sculpture was hand built by potter Kate Malone in her studio in France in 2008. The results of a blend of rich, dark greens and blues with streaks of bright yellow were achieved gradually, by applying layers of earthenware glazes and firing over and over again. Using this method, Malone was able to merge the colours together, giving depth and glossiness to the finish.

During summer 2020, we also gave you the challenge of creating your own Gigantic Pumpkin. You could use whatever material you wanted to create your pumpkin – paint, recycled fabric, pencil – anything. Have a look here to see all your beautiful creations!

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