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The Castle and the Trip

Medieval beginnings

Crusades and Castle connections

The area that would later become known as Brewhouse Yard has long been associated with Nottingham Castle, not least for the famous Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem which it hosts!

Whilst it has been disputed that King Richard I famously drank at the Trip before leaving for the Crusades, we do know that water mills provided the castle with flour on the site from before 1217, when an invoice is dated for repairs to the mill in the papers of King Henry III.

Outside the law

The Brewhouse Yard was “an extra-parochial liberty” which placed it outside of the jurisdiction of the town’s parishes for law and order. This led to it becoming a hub for undesirables and quite the den of iniquity! It was also officially tax free, possibly leading to the rise of brewing in the rock caves. The Nottingham historian Robert Thoroton once described it as: “a great receptacle for fanatics, and other like people, who would not live conformable to the laws.”

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