Covid-19 update: 19 July easing of restrictions

Whilst attractions, like all other businesses and parts of the economy, are keen to fully re-open as soon as possible, and to recover the economic losses of the last 16 months, they have put the safety of the visitors and their staff before all other considerations.

As a result, Public Health England confirms that there have been no verifiable cases of Coronavirus transmission at a visitor attraction in the UK since the epidemic began.

Attractions continue to work to ensure that their sites and their staff are COVID-safe and adhere to all safety requirements and that their visitor experience is both COVID-safe and enjoyable.  They have followed the encouragement to ‘sanitise your site, not the visitor experience”.  Research into feedback at visitor attractions, undertaken by the consultancy Decision House, shows that the public feel that attractions are ‘doing the right thing and that their staff are behaving in the right way’ to ensure safe and enjoyable visits.

Easing social distancing and other mitigation measures.

Attractions will, of course, continue to prioritise the safety of their staff and visitors above all things and to ensure that both staff and visitors feel safe and comfortable at their sites.

Visitor sentiment research, commissioned by Association of Leading Visitor Attractions and undertaken by Decision House during 17 to the 22 June 2021 and published on 30 June, shows that a significant majority (75%) of the visitor-attraction-going UK public are not yet ready for social distancing and other measures to be removed or eased even if the Government allowed easing to occur.

As a result, UK visitor attractions have decided to be guided by their visitors’ own sentiment and levels of caution and, at their discretion, to maintain the following, beyond the 19 July, and until the end of August (to be reviewed):

  • Maintain reduced capacity at sites in order to avoid crowds
  • Maintain the requirement for visitors to book at most times, especially at weekends, whilst also allowing some time slots to be available for ‘walk-ups’
  • Maintain social distancing on site, though this may be reduced to 1m rather 2m
  • Advise visitors to wear a face mask indoors

Other businesses in other parts of the economy will also be maintaining social distancing etc. in order to ensure that their customers and staff are both safe and feel comfortable.

Nottingham Castle Trust hopes that our visitors will support our position and help us to keep them and our staff as safe as possible at this time.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.