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Our Green Credentials

We recognise our impact on the environment locally, nationally and globally

We are committed to lead by example in lowering our carbon output wherever possible and to ensuring our long-term sustainability.

Here are some of the
ways we try to make a difference

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Green energy

We ensure our electricity is supplied by contractors that provide 100% green energy.

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Electric land train

We have invested in an electric land train to conform with Nottingham City Council’s aim to make Nottingham City carbon-neutral by 2028. The train is charged by a green energy supply and will run from winter 2021.

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LED lights

We use LED lights that conform to the highest possible standards of energy saving requirements across the castle, including the café and caves.

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Use local produce

We contract food suppliers that use local, organic or Fairtrade produce wherever possible.

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Plastic free packaging

We make sure food packaging in our cafés is, to every extent possible,
plastic free.

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No single use plastic

We minimise single-use plastic packaging in our shop products and do not sell
single-use plastic bags.

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Recycled paper

We use recycled paper in our offices and have open conversations with colleagues around reducing wastage wherever possible.

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Sustainable clothing

Our staff clothing is from environmentally sustainable clothing sources and is designed to last.

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Growing Castle

From Nottingham catchfly to allotments, our grounds are a “green lung” for the city.

We are constantly improving

This is by no means an exhaustive listing of our environmental commitments and we are always looking for new ways of working. We pledge to continue to monitor and re-evaluate our environmental practices and improve where possible.


Devoted to the city

At Nottingham Castle, we consider ourselves to be the green, beating heart of the city.

As we preserve our collections, buildings and stories for future generations, we are devoted to preserving our planet too.

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