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“Hello, My Name is Paul Smith”

Until 20 February 2022

Let us take you on a journey through the world of Paul Smith, from the company’s beginnings in Nottingham to its international prominence today.

Paul Smith

The magnificent mind of Paul Smith

The exhibition reveals how Paul’s intuitive take on design, alongside his understanding of the roles of designer and retailer, have laid the foundations for lasting success. It offers visitors a unique insight into the magnificent mind of Paul Smith.

Made up of over 1,500 objects which span the British designer’s vast career, the exhibition focuses on a series of key themes and objects that have defined the history of Paul Smith.

“Hello, My Name is Paul Smith” is open until 20 February 2022.

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About the Exhibition

“Hello, My Name is Paul Smith” is the first of our world-class Temporary Exhibitions programme.

In the exhibition, different stages of the design and production process are explored, offering a rich insight into Paul’s design practice while highlighting how the principles of traditional craftsmanship and tailoring are given a contemporary edge.

Paul Smith’s first shop in Byard Lane, Nottingham, which measured 3m x 3m, is recreated in the exhibition alongside an immersive digital room filled with still and moving images that aim to capture his process of inspiration. It details the key things, people and places that have sparked Paul’s creativity throughout his career.


Beyond the exhibition

As well as the “Hello, My Name is Paul Smith” Temporary Exhibition inside the Ducal Palace, you can see the famous Paul Smith Mini in our Visitor Centre.

The Castle Shop also has a fantastic selection of Paul Smith gifts to accompany the exhibition.

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