Nottinghamshire’s county wildflower returns to the Castle after 200 years

Nottingham Catchfly plants have started to be replanted at Nottingham Castle after a nearly two-hundred-year absence, thanks to a year-long volunteer led project. Volunteer Russ Swan tells us more about the project – with the help of a very noisy cockerel…

Since Spring 2020, volunteers across Nottinghamshire have been growing Catchflies from their own homes, as part of a campaign to reintroduce the county flower back into the ground at Nottingham Castle.

Last year, our volunteers – or champions as we like to call them – signed up to receive a home growing kit to grow and nurture the wildflower at home either in their gardens, a sunny windowsill or wherever the wildflower could seed.

As of this week, we have started to replant the native wildflower in a sunny patch of the Castle’s green grounds, ready for when we reopen on Monday 21 June.

Russ, who has been growing two catchflies at home, discussed his experience, featuring a very attention seeking cockerel…

Thanks to our Nottingham Catchfly Champions this rare flower has been revived, and we can’t wait to see the results of the project. We hope you will visit our contingent of Catchfly plants when you come to the Castle this summer.

You can keep up to date with the Nottingham Catchfly project by following Nottingham Castle on social media and using #NottinghamCatchfly #CampionsLeague.

If you are a Champion and part of our Campions League, we always want to hear about your involvement in the project. Please post your pictures, thoughts, and gardening tips with the hashtags #NottinghamCatchfly and the #CampionsLeague or email them to