Kaleidoscopic Realms

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Saturday 8th June to Sunday 3rd November 2024

Exhibiting artists: Siddharth Gadiyar, James Gladwell, Thompson Hall, Richard Hunt, Nnena Kalu, Cameron Morgan, Michelle Roberts, and Leslie Thompson.

Preview event for the Exhibition

Saturday 8th June

5 pm – 7 pm

Free entry – for the evening only

Café facilities available in the evening


Kaleidoscopic Realms presents artworks and film by eight contemporary artists, brought together for the first time at Nottingham CastleThe exhibition reveals a colourful insight into intuitive mark-making in its many forms. The featured artists have all travelled different paths to firmly ground themselves within their art practice, each with a distinctive style, working throughout the UK in studios including ActionSpace, Barrington Farm, Project Ability, Project Art Works, Shadowlight Artists, and Venture Arts.

Unfettered explorations of repetition, pattern, detail, and culture weave their way into the artworks. A clear sense of storytelling and play often features, whilst others just ooze the pure joy of mark-making and material investigations. Ceramics, embroidery, pen drawings, and large-scale painted canvases invite closer viewing, whilst an impressive installation of bold, wrapped sculptures entices you with its strong presence.

Co-curated by Jennifer Gilbert of Jennifer Lauren Gallery and artist Christopher Samuel, the exhibition runs alongside a programme of workshops, talks and live events exploring who gets to be an artist, and who gets to be seen in galleries and why? Kaleidoscopic Realms is designed to challenge preconceived ideas, and to stimulate conversation and interaction. This exhibition not only allows the observer to appreciate the artwork but also presents a series of films revealing the artists in action, divulging more about their processes and motives.

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