Now that the festive period is in full swing, we thought it high time we introduce you to some of the brilliant Makers that stock the Nottingham Castle Shop. This week, we’re speaking to Pete and Rob from Black Acres Soap Pantry. Read on to find out more…

Rob and Pete mixing scents in aprons. they smile at the camera.
Rob and Pete, Black Acre Soap Pantry

Tell us a bit about yourselves! What’s your name, and what do you sell?

Hi! We’re Pete & Rob Sampson, the creative duo behind Black Acres Soap Pantry. We make everything ourselves from scratch in our Sherwood based studio; natural soap, soy wax candles, bath truffles, bath salts, wax melts and reed diffusers. Just call us the ‘Willy Wonkers’ of everything bath and fragrance!

What would you recommend as the perfect luxury gift from your range?

If you’re looking for a luxury scent, we heartily recommend our ‘Gold Frankincense & Myrrh’ soy wax candle. While it does not contain any actual gold, the heady fragrance combines the lightness of almond and fruit notes with the woody undertones of incense, to create a warming environment in your room. While, maybe not the most practical of gifts for a new-born, we think the three wise men were definitely onto something!

What would you recommend as the perfect stocking filler from your range?

Our recommended stocking filler has to be our ‘Christmas Morning’ scented candle. Admittedly it doesn’t smell of smoked salmon and scrambled egg, but if you’re a lover of orange, cinnamon, cloves and vanilla, this is certainly the scent for you!

What’s your favourite thing about working with Nottingham Castle?

We love every aspect of working with Nottingham Castle, but especially designing their very own bespoke candle, inspired by the infamous Nottingham Catchfly flower; ‘Midnight Blooms’. We had great fun testing out new recipes and then sharing our ideas with the Castle staff and volunteers.

Finally, what’s your favourite Christmas tipple?

Oooh, our favourite tipple!? Well, for Christmas, definitely Prosecco with our very own homemade damson liqueur from our allotment!

Thanks, both! You can follow Black Acres Soap Pantry on Instagram here.