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Until Sunday 15 September 2024

Museums collections are not static but constantly evolve to reflect the world around us.  Adding new items often deepens our understanding of existing collections by making us look at them in new ways, or by teasing out connections.

This exhibition celebrates and showcases works of art acquired since 2017 for the collection of Nottingham City Museums and Galleries.

Some of the artworks have been given to the Museum by members of the public; some we have acquired with the aid of external grants and public donations. We have also included examples of works of art already in the collection, to place some of the recent acquisitions in a wider context, or to show how they bring new perspectives.

The exhibition comprises sculpture, photography, oil paintings, drawings and ceramics, demonstrating the variety of recent additions to Nottingham’s collection.

The following artists’ works are included in the Spotlight Gallery and also in the Long Gallery: Sir William Orpen, Evelyn Gibbs, Sheila Wood, Joe Tilson, Gurminder Sikand, John Goto, Gillian Wearing, Barbara Delaney, Roger Hilton, Jeremy Moon, John Hoyland, Alfred Daniels, William Maurice Partridge, Paul Waplington, Sarah Danays, Bisila Noha, Frank Auerbach, Emily Anderson, Tony Carter, Tim Head, Mary Rogers and Bernard Meninsky.


Oneness B, 1992

Watercolour and gouache by Gurminder Sikand (1960-2021)

Presented by the Contemporary Art Society [2023/24]

Copyright the Estate of Gurminder Sikand

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