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From community projects to stories about our collection, our blog is here to keep you up to date with the latest news from Nottingham Castle.


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Badajoz Day 2021: the man behind the Raising of the Red Jacket

Today is Badajoz Day, which commemorates the successful storming of the fortified…

Nottingham Castle at Sunset


Nottingham Castle Trust to receive £1 million from second round of the Government’s Culture Recovery Fund

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been successful in securing a loan…

The legend of Robin Hood

An African History to Robin Hood

Robin Hood has had many companions over the years and more recently,…

Kickstart Scheme Logo


Job opportunities at Nottingham Castle for people aged between 16 and 24

Job opportunities at Nottingham Castle for people aged between 16 and 24…

International Womens Day Compilation Image


Celebrating Nottingham Castle’s Incredible Women for International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women's Day and Women's History month, our Explainer Team…

Our Communities

Nottingham Catchfly: The Project So Far

Nottingham Catchfly: The Project So Far The Nottingham Catchfly owes its name…



A dazzling projection illuminating the historical site with portraits of local residents…

Image of the Nottingham's In Your Face Projection project


Nottingham’s In Your Face

Portraits of 100 inspiring Nottingham residents were projected onto the Castle walls…

The Rainbow Flag at Nottingham Castle


Sharing Nottingham Castle’s LGBTQI+ Stories for LGBTQI+ History Month

It’s February, which means it’s LGBTQI+ History Month! This focus on LGBTQI+ history,…

Winifred Nicholson


What can you see? Create a Nottingham Windowscape

This week's creative challenge sees us get arty at home...

Museum Buddy


Nottingham Castle gets involved with #MuseumBuddy

Nottingham Castle gets to know Royston Museum through #MuseumBuddy In November, we…

Heather Lane


Heather Lane joins the team

Heather Lane joins the Nottingham Castle Trust team as Director of Finance…

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