Nottingham Castle gets to know Royston Museum through #MuseumBuddy

Museum Buddy

In November, we took part in #MuseumBuddy, an initiative founded earlier this year, through which two museums are paired up to share their content and find connections in their collections. The aim of the initiative is to keep the museum community connected during the current climate, in which many museums find their doors closed. It also helps to create new opportunities between heritage sites and find links between the UK’s diverse collections.

Nottingham Castle was paired with Royston & District Museum and Art Gallery, in Hertfordshire (not far from Cambridge). With Royston, we swapped stories of our respective museums, collections and more every day between the 23rd and 27th of November.

We shared a sneak peek of installation, told the story of Brewhouse Yard’s Webster family, as well as sharing their collections, including Winifred Nicholson’s “Violas in a Window” and Siddig el Nigoumi’s “Digna’s Train”. In turn, the Castle has learned the story of Royston Museum’s building, discovered their rich network of volunteers, and found out more about their collection, including the 24-meter-long “Royston Tapestry”.

View our full discussion via the Castle’s twitter account: