Image of the Nottingham's In Your Face Projection project

Portraits of 100 inspiring Nottingham residents were projected onto the Castle walls last night, as part of an exciting project to remind us that although its walls were originally built to keep people out, the Castle is now a space that welcomes everyone.

You can view the projection in full here:

The project, commissioned in partnership with Nottingham BID, and produced by Vent Media, celebrates the diversity of our local communities – our essential workers, campaigners and creative talents – and the countdown to our reopening later this year.

The incredible portraits were taken by Tracey Whitefoot, alongside talented young photographers: Alina Moldovean, Sarah Mensah and Rohan Patel, who worked together to capture photographs of people from their local neighbourhoods.

The main driving force behind the project was our Engagement and Participation Officer, Josh

Image of the Nottingham's In Your Face Porjection showing Benson and Emanuel Nwefo

He said “It was hugely important to us that we launch the lead-up to the Castle’s reopening by putting the people of our city onto our Castle walls. Historically, Nottingham Castle’s walls were built to keep people out and we wanted to repurpose them. By seeing a wide representation of local people projected onto this historical site, we want everyone to know that Nottingham Castle is their space; a welcoming, vibrant, creative world-class place that belongs to them.”

Participants in the project include nurse Juliet Wright, NTU student Suleman Salim, paramedic Rosea Poynter and poet Panya Banjoko.

Panya said “It was great being asked to be part of Nottingham’s In Your Face Project because it acknowledges my presence within the community and the contribution I have made to ensure multiple voices are heard. It means a lot to me to see Nottingham Castle making a bold visual statement about all the people that make up the Nottingham community. It is even more pertinent when you are from a marginalised group and generally underrepresented. When institutions such as the Castle recognise Nottingham’s diverse citizens it is saying we see you, we acknowledge your worth and we value you as a human being. More importantly it sends out a message to others about inclusion and normalises our presence in society.”

We really hoped that you could view the project in person, but due to lockdown restrictions, we’ve captured it in all its glory for you to view from home. Watch this space though – we’re hoping to run the project again later this year when it’ll be safe for everyone to visit. In the meantime, keep an eye on our social channels for #NIYF to find out more about the project and its participants.