Puppets Galore

Earlier this year, Nottingham Castle set Nottingham Trent University’s final year BA (Hons) Theatre Design students a very exciting challenge, to create the puppets and booth to tell 1000 years of history.

Nottingham Trent Puppet Team

L to R: (Front row) Katie Stephenson, Kaijuan Huang, Hazel Monaghan, Charlotte Selby; (back row) Sean Myatt, Mark Pitman, Gareth Morgan. Image by Gemma Caseley-Kirk.

Whilst the Castle is closed, we are preparing to welcome our visitors. For schools and families, we plan to use puppets and traditional storytelling techniques and have commissioned Nottingham-based author Hazel Monaghan to capture the Castle’s 1000 years of history in 1000 seconds.

We asked final year BA (Hons) Theatre Design students to create puppets and a booth to help facilitate in telling our stories. The students worked closely with our Learning Development Officer Gareth Morgan and with Hazel the playwright.

The students thought about how they could tell the Castle’s history in a fun and fast-paced way through glove puppetry, shadow play and the ancient Japanese storytelling method, Kamishibai.

Gareth said: “We were delighted to work with such talented designers as Charlotte, Katie and Kaijun, who created a fantastic booth, puppets, and props for us. I know that younger visitors to Nottingham Castle will be captivated by the wonderful design, delicate puppetry and storytelling techniques used to tell the site’s amazing story.”

The puppets will be performing once the Castle opens in 2021.

Read the original article by Nottingham Trent University here.