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Our community

Nottingham Castle is a museum that charts social history. Without our communities, we wouldn’t have the rich stories and collections that we share.

We are committed to always working closely with people from all backgrounds, in Nottingham and beyond, to continue to add to the ever-evolving history of the castle.

The international outcry and protests in response to the killing of George Floyd, and the responding Black Lives Matter movement demonstrates how we must all play our part in combatting racism, social injustice and discrimination.

As a registered museum that charts social history, we have a responsibility to educate, challenge and put a spotlight on the importance of justice. Our thoughts, words and actions stand with those working tirelessly to dismantle the many systems of oppression.

We aim to inspire a sense of belonging, so that everyone feels as though the castle reflects their stories. Positively impacting on the lives of people from our communities is central to our work. We are committed to building long-term relationships and working together.

We also recognise the importance of properly representing the diversity of Nottingham in the work we do. We see it as our duty to amplify Nottingham’s many voices, giving communities an opportunity to express and supporting neighbourhoods all over the city.

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Youth Group

Starting in 2021, Nottingham Castle is launching its own in-house youth group. Young people (aged 11-16) will be invited to join us to learn, create and make friends through accessing our world-class galleries and projects. The group will meet every fortnight and work together to learn new skills and gain confidence through workshops, group projects and talks from professionals. This group will be key to informing the way the museum works.

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With volunteers, we innovate, challenge perceptions and go far beyond expectations. Find out about volunteering at Nottingham Castle.

In all of our community work, we welcome people from LGBTQ+ communities, people with disabilities and people of African, Caribbean, south-Asian and other non-white-British heritage.

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