Voices of Today is a joint project with LeftLion that looks at Nottingham’s proud rebel history

The project asks what it means to be a rebel in Nottingham today. Its aim is to inspire Nottingham residents to get creative and represent their experiences or perspectives on activism, protest and rebellion in a number of ways, including poetry, drawing, singing, acting, dance, creating a protest banner or something different altogether.

Remote online activities and packs have brought the people of Nottingham in on this project and informed the themes of the film, which will launch in 2021.

You can read the latest stories in the LeftLion Notts Rebels series here:

Usha Sood

Lucy Hutchinson

Jeremiah Brandreth

Eric Irons

Henry Garnet and the Gunpowder Plot

Margaret Humphreys

Edward III

Brian Clough

William Brewster

John Deane

George Africanus

Alan Stillitoe

‘Nipper’ Read and the Kray Twins

1831 Reform Bill Riots

You can follow the Voices Of Today and Notts Rebel series on our social media by looking up the hashtags: #VoicesOfToday #NottsRebels

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