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Volunteer FAQs


  • Who can I talk to about Volunteering at Nottingham Castle?

    Feel free to contact Pippa, our Volunteer Manager via the contact form, or join an ‘Introducing Volunteering’ catch-up.

    The ‘Introducing Volunteering’ catch-ups allow you to hear first hand about the volunteering opportunities available. They take place twice a month, in a group setting, and you can attend it face-to-face or remotely.

    Contact Pippa

  • Why should I volunteer?

    There are a variety of reasons why people choose to volunteer:

    • to share one’s passion, knowledge and/or skills
    • to make social connections and meet new people
    • to have a behind the scenes view
    • build confidence, knowledge and/or skills
    • to challenge yourself to explore something different
    • for your personal development – regardless of age!
    • to showcase your pride for Nottingham and Nottingham Castle
    • to have fun
    • to get out of the house and/or keep active
    • to help out and support
    • to give back to your community


  • How do I become a Volunteer at Nottingham Castle?
    1. Register your interest
      Sign-up to our mailing list.
    2. Keep in touch
      We update opportunities on our newsletter. If none of them suits you or the timing is not right, keep an eye out for our next mailing. Unsure where to start or need further guidance? Join our ’Introducing Volunteering’ catch-ups to hear from us first-hand.
    3. Apply & carry out the selection process
      All volunteer opportunities have information on how to apply and/or participate, together with the selection process. The selection, dependent on the role, might include a group induction event, an informal chat or a specific application.
      If relevant, we may need to carry out a Right to Work check, references, a DBS check, and/or ask for guardian consent (for under 18s)
    4. Conduct training & induction
      We will welcome you, introduce you to the team and show you the ropes at our Welcome Day. Some roles need more training, and others, less, but we will discuss these with you.
    5. Welcome to the team!
  • When could I expect to start volunteering?

    It depends on when you applied, the length of the selection, the requirement for checks, and when you complete the training and induction. We will strive to keep you informed on each stage, and thank you for your flexibility and understanding.

  • Can I volunteer in more than one opportunity?

    Yes – you are more than welcome to take part in several volunteering roles, it may, however, depend on demand and availability.

  • Are there any age restrictions?

    For most formal volunteering roles, we ask you to be 18 years old or older. If you are under 18, do keep in touch as we may be able to explore suitable and safe arrangements for you to volunteer. Supervision, family volunteering and parental/guarding consent are some of the ways we could discuss.

  • What skills or experience do I need to have to volunteer?

    Your time and skills are precious. We are already grateful for you wanting to donate them to us. Thank you! We welcome applications from people with a broad range of skills, experience and availability. We’ll want to get to know you to explore together the most meaningful, fun and mutually beneficial opportunity out there for you.

  • Can I volunteer if English is not my first language?

    Yes – we embrace all languages and cultures. Get in touch with the Volunteer Manager for a chat.

    Contact Pippa

  • Can I claim travel expenses?

    Yes – we will always try to find suitable and reasonable arrangements so that money is no barrier to you volunteering.

  • Will I be trained?

    Yes. The training varies depending on your volunteering role. We will welcome you, introduce you to the team and show you the ropes at our Welcome Day. Some opportunities need further training, and others, less, but we will be clear about these before application.

  • Can I have a record of my volunteering?

    Yes. We will always record the time you donate to us and the nature of your volunteering. Get in touch if you need to show your achievements for a job, course, or any other situation. We hope to show and celebrate what you do with us.

  • Do I need a DBS check?

    We clarify what each opportunity needs in our role descriptions, as they vary. When roles are subject to a Disclosure and Barring Scheme (DBS) check, and if successful in the initial selection stages, we will proceed to request a DBS check, and we will bear the cost.

  • Do you have a Volunteer Handbook?

    Yes, please feel free to request the most up to date version.

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