Pippa pops to London

Hear from our Volunteers Manager as she goes on a quest around London

Hi there!

Only two weekends ago I was gallivanting happily through various museums in London. With all of them now closed to the public, I wanted to share my trip with you. Reminiscing what it was like then and exploring what they are doing now to engage people from home.

I ask you to join me in this reminiscence exercise. Why don’t you share your past photos of Nottingham Castle and contribute to our remote opportunities? It can be a family photo, a past event, an artistic shot…Any photo that shares your connection with the castle will be valued. Help us reach 200 photos and we might be able to do a Virtual photo tour with them! Click here to participate and feel free to share your story of it on our social platforms.

Slideshow of images from Pippa's trip to London

First stop, Wellcome Collection – I was at awe with it from start to finish! The Play-Well temporary exhibition allowed me to see the themes and history of my childhood, whilst encouraged me to question critically the challenges it faced then and the ones it faces now. This questioning and empathy continued through the Medicine Man, Inclusive Futures and the Being Human exhibitions, adding highly participative elements throughout – from guided conversation tours with staff, sharing booths, interactive collections, friendship benches, things to touch, smell… I loved it and could go on forever, but Museopunks has a brilliant podcast about it: click here to listen to it. The Wellcome Collection has continued to share interesting content on their social media platforms, and you can have access to many stories and collections on their website.

Museum of London came next. Of course, I dressed up, played all the interactive games and enjoyed being transported back in time! You can do so yourself from home, with slideshows of each exhibition on their website and behind the scenes collection videos.

To end the day, I went on the volunteer-led LGBTQ tour: Desire, love, identity at The British Museum. Ferelith & James delivered it with so much passion and interesting content that I think there could be an opportunity for when Nottingham Castle opens. If you click here it will direct you to their remote offering – from school resources to virtual tours, collection highlights…

Day two started at LEGO London store – whilst not a museum, they had an entrancing visitor experience that should be recreated! Welcomed by staff playing the ukulele, tempting selfie opportunities, friendly ‘hi’s from all, making desks and the sound of LEGO being tossed in boxes – What could be better? They have compiled a list of 50 best LEGO DUPLO play ideas whilst people are at home – genius! Click here to the video.

After a quick visit to the National Portrait Gallery, I concluded my visit to London by joining the London Transport Museum’s Volunteer Recruitment Event (the real reason why I went to London – thank you, Sam, Laura and Volunteers for allowing me to have a nosey!) Since closing to the public, they are promising to offer exciting remote opportunities – content about disused stations, secret stories and the launching of a Museum Alphabet to explore collections one letter at a time!

Stay tuned to our remote volunteer, learning and community opportunities – we want to get you making, engaging and being part of fun, educational and worthwhile initiatives for everyone to enjoy and to do from home.

Stay safe and keep in touch!