Heritage Hunters – sock it to us!

If you or someone at home’s sock drawer is in need of some clearing out, then why not get creative with what might be thrown away!

sock puppets

This week we’d love you to make sock puppets using old socks and items from around the house – wool for hair, cut out cardboard features, button eyes. There are loads of fab ideas, like giraffes and elephants, on this brilliant blog and a range of ways of making on this WikiHow page, including tutorial videos.

With your completed sock puppet, why not create a story or play for your family to watch, even those not staying with you during lockdown – sock puppets are great fun on Zoom!

When you’ve created your amazing sock puppet, get someone to share it with us on social media using the hashtag #NottmHeritageHunters or email them to gmorgan@nottinghamcastletrust.org. There will be an extra special prize for the best one and their family!