Become a Story Scavenger this week!

We’d like you to ‘scavenge’ your home for different places where there are words. When you find some, copy down words, phrases, and sentences that you like onto some scrap paper. These can be from signs or posters, magazines or books, leaflets, food packets or even snippets of conversations – as long as you have the people chatting’s permission!!

child writing

They don’t all have to be linked either – it could be the headline from a newspaper or leaflet that’s been delivered or the list of ingredients from the back of a tin of beans. You can also use things that you can remember seeing from outside – your road’s street sign, the destination on the front of a local bus, something you remember being written down on a display at school.

Once you’ve gathered your words and phrases together, now you build a poem or a story from these snippets. You can write about whatever you like but, if you need a bit of extra inspiration, why not try using the story starter prompt of “Robin Hood Today” – what would Robin be doing now to help people? As with all the best stories, we’d love you to create us a picture to illustrate the what you’ve written too.

When you’ve finished your story, get someone to share it with us on social media using the hashtag #NottmHeritageHunters or email them to There will be an extra special prize for the best one and their family!

Stay safe, stay at home and happy creating!