Hear from volunteer Reece below on his experience of volunteering with the Castle for the Nottingham Catchfly project:

Community and belonging comes in many forms. As we are currently distanced from our usual groups, a collective project with common good and plans for the future has been a welcomed prompt that we are part of something bigger.

I saw the Catchfly project and enjoyed the thought of growing with consequence, in terms of reintroducing the plant I am growing back into the grounds of the Castle.

I began gardening through my interest in producing my own organic food but if my crops were to fail, I of course still have places to buy food. Transforming a hobby to responsibility generates a heightened care and respect for nature and a consistent attempt to understand it’s language. This also grounds us in how much we rely on unidentified growers to produce for our food system, an awareness the vast majority of us are ignorant towards.

I was forgetful to how important flowers are to our pollinators when I started growing, only concerned with what I could take from a plant. The Catchfly project helped in remembering this, inspiring me to create an uncultivated patch for wild-flower adjacent my vegetable garden.

To focus on the growth of a single plant brings it much significance that I will be watching intently over the coming weeks and months.

– Reece

Many thanks, Reece Straw for taking the time to record, film and share these beautiful words and video highlighting the initial steps of growing the Nottingham Catchfly and your thoughts behind it. We are so fortunate to have you on board!

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