Volunteers’ Week 2020

We are so fortunate to have 900 of you wonderful volunteers growing, nurturing and safe-keeping the Nottingham Catchfly.

Your excitement for the project meant that within 24 hours of call out all formal volunteer packs had gone. Fueled by our belief in the transformative nature of the project and its wellbeing properties, we joined forces with The Renewal Trust and Play and Youth to create and distribute 750 packs to targeted vulnerable communities across the city. Watch us prepare the packs by clicking here. 

Thank you for sharing the joy of watching seedlings grow, for singing to them, writing blogs, making videos, competing. Above all, thank you for growing together whilst in lockdown. A quote by volunteer Reece Straw reflects this beautifully:

“Community and belonging come in many forms. As we are currently distanced from our usual groups, a collective project with common good and plans has been a welcomed prompt that we are part of something bigger….”


Thank you for watching and nurturing the seedlings, reporting on their progress, learning, growing more and keeping connected.

Little girl

We can’t wait to welcome you in the spring/summer of 2021 to reintroduce the Nottingham Catchfly you have grown into castle grounds as a legacy of resilience, togetherness, and hope.

A huge and warm thanks to all volunteers participating and keep an eye out for more volunteering opportunities to come!

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