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Early Nottingham Craft Gallery

To showcase the way Nottingham’s craftspeople found creative ways to use alabaster stone and salt-glazed pottery long before the technological innovations of the Industrial Age. These collections date from the fourteenth century to the 1800s.

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Nottingham Lace Gallery

Nottingham changed the way lace was made. The first ever machine to make lace was invented here, making it the world centre of the machine-made lace trade. Its influence on fashion continues to this day.

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Collections Gallery

There has been art at the Castle since 1878, when the museum opened, displaying art and craft to inspire designers in the local lace industry. Through the Collections Gallery we explore this story and look at changing approaches to collecting art.

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Art Gallery

This gallery, also known as the Long Gallery, showcases highlights from the art collection – paintings, sculpture, drawings, ceramics, textiles and jewellery – organised around six themes that have inspired artists for centuries.

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Museum of the Mercian Regiment

A regimental museum has been hosted on the site in a relationship dating back some 50 years, which celebrates the ancestor regiment raised at the Castle in the 18th C.

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Rebellion Gallery

A new interactive gallery, where visitors are taken back in time to understand and explore issues around protest and rebellion that impacted Nottingham Castle as we know it today.

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Robin Hood Adventures

This is an extension of the Rebellion Gallery that has immersive & interactive games that allow the visitor to imagine themselves as Robin Hood, and to even a aim a bow & arrow.

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Brewhouse Yard

Life beneath Castle Rock. This Museum at Brewhouse Yard has been part of Nottingham’s changing story and important cloth trades for hundreds of years; affecting the lives of many of the city’s different communities. It is located at the base of the Nottingham Castle site.

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Dedicated Temporary Exhibitions

Be inspired by all the temporary exhibitions at Nottingham Castle.


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